Tori-Ellis Willetts



I got into fitness at a young age, loving physics education at school from early. I played every sport you could think of including netball, football, swimming, and cross country. Then, I came across Kickboxing at the age of 11. From then onwards, I didn’t look back. I kickboxed my way to the top. I won 3 English titles, 3 British titles and the European title, representing GB in Spain, Serbia and France. After my success in Kickboxing, my dream was to go to the Olympics. Realizing that Kickboxing wasn’t an Olympic sport, I thought I’d try boxing and see how far I got within the sport. My first year on the Army Boxing Team, I won the Elite English National Title and the GB Elite Three Nations Title. Winning the same title Nicola Adams (Olympic Gold Medalist) did when she was an amateur. After that, the Olympic dream started to become more realistic than I thought.


Having goals in boxing motivates me to keep going. I want to make it to the top. To do that, I concentrate my whole life around boxing, stay focused and reap the rewards when I win titles. Whenever I can make use of a training session, I will. Even in my back garden over a weekend, I’ll be working on things my coaches have told me I need to improve on. I have a good knowledge and experience in fitness instructing, nutrition and lifestyle so I like to help others with diet plans and training sessions. Often I tell “boring” facts to my friends and family about nutrition, but they always seem to take it on board.


Kickboxing Achievements
• Member of Team GB
• Represented GB in Spain at World Championships and won 3 Gold Medals
• Represented England kickboxing in France, Serbia and Ireland
• Junior Full Contact Kickboxing, Ranked Number One
• English WKA Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder
• British EFK Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder
• British WKSA Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder
• English Ladies EFK Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder  
• English WSKA Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder
• European Full Contact Kickboxing Title Holder

Boxing Achievements
• 10 fights; 6 wins 4 losses at Elite level
• Boxed internationally in October 2017 at Eindhoven Box Cup and achieved Bronze, losing in the semi-finals to Sri Lanka’s number 1 in a close bout


As long as you’re eating clean, the weight should be easy to make. To make food taste better, use spices and cook with coconut oil. Fill up your plate with plenty of vegetables if you know you’re going to be hungry after eating a meal. Clear your cupboards of anything that may throw you off track. Take time in prepping your food and box it up so you can have your meal immediately after your training session. Download MyFitnessPal and start tracking and weighing your food properly.

Don’t cheat yourself.

Birthdate: May 25, 1995
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 112 lbs

Birmingham, United Kingdom