Test Up Details

The answer to this dilemma is a high quality, natural testosterone booster. The best test booster you can buy is Test Up by Ignite Nutrition! Test Up features the most comprehensive formula on the market, starting with D-Aspartic Acid at the clinical dose of 3.12 grams for optimal results. DAA is one of the most effective natural test boosters on the market with clinical research backing its effectiveness, with one study showing an increase in natural test levels by 40% in just 12 days!

Test Up also contains a huge 250 mg dose of PrimaVie® Purified Shilajit, a clinically studied, purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, a sap-like substance that contains Dibenzo-A-Pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP), Fulvic Acid and more than 40 different minerals. Research has shown that PrimaVie increases free testosterone levels, nitric oxide production and training endurance.

From there, Test Up contains 100 mg of Longjack Extract, a powerful compound that promotes hormonal balance by reducing levels of cortisol and supports a normal testosterone-to-cortisol ratio – which means levels of cortisol are right where they should be, which means there’s an increased anabolic environment in the body, so muscle growth can take place.

Of course, Test Up contains the minerals that support testosterone production, such as Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and Boron, and we’ve included Safed Musli to promote sexual health as well as DIM to counter excess estrogen.