Tayler Weiks

Tayler Weiks


Fitness was a crucial part of my life at a young age. I didn’t come from the best environment growing up, so I channeled most of my adolescent years into sports. I had a lot of frustrations as a child, and my outlet was always some form of physical activity. It wasn’t until I graduated college after playing five years of NCAA basketball that I realized how much fitness began to save my life.

Before I graduated from college, I was in an extremely abusive relationship. The toxicity lead me to hate myself, hate people around me, and to dwell on what I thought my imperfections were, to the point where I was significantly and dangerously underweight. I began to suffer from depression and anxiety. I could barely get out of bed, I had zero motivation, I cut everything and everyone off around me, and I began to dislike everything about myself.

Once I graduated, I moved away to Houston and started getting heavily into weight lifting. It began to become my happiness and my relief for all life’s unexpected hardships. Within three months, I gained almost 30lbs. I transformed my body into the temple it deserved to be and gained all the confidence in myself that I could ever want. I no longer compared myself to others but started comparing myself to be the best version I can be of me. Fitness gave me my life back. It taught me to keep my head held high and to embrace my body. It not only gave me unlimited confidence, but it allowed me to place value on myself.


With my experience, fitness allows me to relate and understand my clients and their struggles. It pushes me to want the best for them because we all deserve that support. When I look at my clients, the biggest component I stress is that they’re not alone. If I can change one individual’s life, whether that’s building confidence, helping make a lifestyle change or even motivate someone to try and better themselves, then fitness has completed my life, and this is my purpose and drive as to why I get up every day

Birthdate: Nov 11, 1992
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 130 lbs

Webster, Texas, United States