Military / First Responders Discount


To honor those who have served the Armed Forces of the United States of America and to support those who serve our local communities across the country, we have a dedicated discount program.

To receive your discount code, simply create an account using one of the VerifyPass buttons below. Be sure that you select the right form to match your background and service, as the system does distinguish between military and first responders.

* Renewable once per month.See VerifyPass FAQs, some of which are provided below.

* Be sure to disable pop-ups as a secure website tab/window will open to create your VerifyPass account.*


VerifyPass can recognize over 92% of applicants instantly, but if for some reason your account can't be created, please contact customer service.

What is VerifyPass?

VerifyPass (formerly ID Discount) is an identity verification provider. It's completely free for the person being verified. It is used to confirm identification in order to receive exclusive discounts at Ignite Nutrition.

Invalid E-mail or Password

In most cases, this is a result of believing you have a VerifyPass account when you don't.

A VerifyPass account is not the same as a Ignite Nutrition account. Having a Ignite Nutrition doesn't automatically mean you have a VerifyPass account.

Once you've been verified with VerifyPass, you won't need to re-verify next time you shop at Ignite Nutrition.

Forgot Password

If you have not already reset your password, you can use the Forgot Password link below the sign-in fields. This will erase your current password, and e-mail you a temporary password. After logging in, you'll be required to set a permanent password.

If you've already reset your password, you should receive an e-mail momentarily. E-mails can be delayed. If you haven't received your e-mail after one hour, contact us and we can set a new password for you.

I've already been verified

I've verified at another store (not Ignite Nutrition) before.

If you've verified while shopping at another store, it could be with any one of several verification services. Double check the name of the verification service you used. If it isn't VerifyPass, you'll need to get verified with VerifyPass - it's fast and easy.

No, I've verified specifically at Ignite Nutrition before.

If you previously verified with VerifyPass while shopping at Ignite Nutrition, your login information is exactly the same as when you verified the first time. You won't need to re-verify, but you will need to use the same login information as you did the first time. For example, if you signed in with Facebook, you should sign in with Facebook again.

How many times can i use my exclusive discount code after being verified?

You can use the code once every 28 days. You will receive a new code and will need to re-verify? in order to be eligible for the exclusive discount.

Can I combine my Military discount code with another promotion code?

No, you cannot combine any other promotion codes with your Military or First Responder discount code. Adding another code will remove the previous code from your cart.

My discount code doesn't work

The code can only be used once per month. If you have not used it in the past month and are still having trouble applying the code, please contact customer service.