Kristie Sanderson

Kristie Sanderson


Growing up, I’d always been into sports. Swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, Taekwondo; you name it. Anything and everything I could persuade my mom to let me do, I did it. I’ve always loved being active, still, do and always will.

Eventually, I outgrew my childhood hobbies, life got busier, and at 18 I had my son. Shortly after I had him, I started studying for a degree in Business and Marketing. I was determined to make things work. I put my head down, worked flat out and put in 100%. Before long, I had a 1st class Honors, followed by a great job in the corporate world of technology. It was at this point I started training at my local gym to give myself a bit of me time amongst everything else. It was just what I needed to strike a balance. It was a couple of times a week, to begin with, then three or four times a week, then five or six until eventually, I was hooked.

I became inspired by the body’s potential, especially when connected with the right mindset and willpower. My physique had come on leaps and bounds since I started. I educated myself to the best level I could, and I completed my personal training qualification and spent hours researching nutrition and training techniques. Eventually, I sought out a contest prep coach who could help me push through that glass ceiling to the next level. From there, in less than two years of working together, we went on to achieve my BodyFitness Elite Pro title…that and a whole heap of trophies in-between.
We all have the potential to achieve our goals, and now as a Pro Athlete, I’m inspired to share my knowledge and experiences with others and to share my journey past and future, including the highs, lows, and the behind the scenes to inspire others who want to improve their health and their physique so they can feel proud of what they have achieved.
Kristie Sanderson


Looking back, it’s all about educating yourself, learning from others and then having the drive and determination to get the body you’ve always wanted. I want to motivate others, to trigger that fire inside and then teach them along the way by sharing my own experiences.

Birthdate: Sept 9, 1988
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 126 lbs (147 lbs off-season)

Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom