Guy Harding

Guy Harding


I started bodybuilding when I was 16

I had a background in boxing until I was 17 when I stopped and put more time into bodybuilding. My first few years bodybuilding was more just going to the gym with friends for a social thing.


After a few years, I entered my first show which was a local show, in which I came 3rd. After that, I was motivated to build a better me and went into the British finals as a junior with NABBA and won just 6 months after the qualifier.


Since then, I have done 10 shows competing with NABBA, UKBFF, IFBA and PCA in which I have come 1st place in 8 qualifiers and 2 times British runner up with 2 overall wins. My next plan is to do the PCA British for class 1 after coming away with the overall win at Muscle Talk last month.

Birthdate: January 20, 1993
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 264 lbs

Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom