Gabriel Misirian



I started lifting when I was 15 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I remember the time, day, place, everything. I had never been so angry, desperate, sad, or alone than in that moment. I was alone in a foreign country with no place to stay, no money, no family, nothing. Sparing the details because the negative is not needed, but this was the most trying time in my life and mind you, I was 15.

Now two things happened that night:
One was the moment mentioned above in my life.
The second was me discovering bodybuilding and weightlifting.

See, out of frustration I picked up a broomstick and a few cinder blocks and combined the two. I started with classic bicep curls, then added two chairs so I could do bench presses on the floor. From that moment on, I never looked back. I met a gym trainer and owner who happened to be a captain in the military in Argentina who took me in and was also a pro bodybuilder. He introduced me to the thing that would save my life, give me hope, and direction. I furthered my education piece by piece through the years as much as I could, with the help of many supporters and people who took me in or helped me along the way, many of them health professionals and pro athletes and huge examples to follow, which is how I came to be in this industry of health wellness and the gym. Of course, the story goes on and is much more detailed, but the point is–out of something dark, a light, no matter how dim, is unstoppable. The human will and spirit to grow, in every way, mentally, physically, emotionally, is unstoppable. It was made to dominate.



I was acquainted with the sports industry world when I was a child. I grew up around tennis, soccer, but most of all weights. I started lifting when I was 15 and never looked back. I started with a broomstick and two cinder blocks on either end and haven’t stopped since. Weightlifting has lead me through many ups, downs, curves, and heights in my life and always accompanied me in the lows as well; now I use all my experiences and everything that I’ve learned good or bad, to help educate and teach my clients, my coworkers and anyone who I come into contact with. I’ve been training private and professional clients for eight years now and always look back to the greats like Wieder, Arnold, Gironda, and Ford for guidance.

I competed in my home country and trained people and trained myself in all different terrains and gyms through the Western Hemisphere from New York and the Caribbean to California, and down to Chile and Argentina (which is where I’m from).


We were made to educate, motivate and dominate, always with ourselves first and then so we can always give our best and help others see that light and turn it into something fucking unstoppable and great!

Birthdate: July 3, 1990
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs

Huntington Beach,California, United States