Brian Cage


I got into fitness at the end of High School during my Senior Year. I realized that 155lbs wasn't going to cut it if I wanted to be a professional wrestler (which I had wanted to be since the age of 10). My PE teacher from Sophomore Year told me before graduation, he had summer school and would open up the gym for me if I wanted to train during the summer. I took him up on his offer and every morning that summer, no matter how late I was up, I'd wake up at 7am, eat breakfast, then jog to my High School and train.

I was just self taught, but quickly started reading bodybuilding magazines and falling in love with the sport of bodybuilding. My passion, dedication and determination to live my dream as a pro wrestler fueled my motivation to bust my ass, train, eat and become the f'n machine I am today.  

It took me over a decade to achieve what I have in wrestling, and my body. In 2012, after recovering from a shoulder injury I suffered in 2011 and losing almost everything that year, I decided to get in best shape of my life (at that time). Once I recovered, I finally entered my first bodybuilding show. I won my class, and runner up overall, and I was hooked. I've won 3 shows and an additional class win since then, and would love to compete for my pro card, but just haven’t been able to do so due to my wrestling schedule. I definitely will eventually.

I don’t consider myself gifted or anything nor am I anyone special. I’m a wrestler who was just a kid with a lifelong dream and never say die attitude, and a work ethic to accomplish it. When people hear that and tell me I inspire them to get in shape, compete, lose weight or chase their dreams no matter what they may be…I love it. Knowing that I can be an influence or inspire people, is absolutely one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever gotten and one of my favorite things to hear. It never gets old.


  • 13 year professional wrestler
  • Currently signed with impact wrestling and lucha underground
  • Current Xdivision champion
  • 3 time overall npc body building winner
  • 2 additional npc light heavyweight class wins

Birthdate: February 2, 1984
Height: 6'
Weight: 272 lbs

Montclair, CA, USA