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Chances are, if you’re an experienced fitness-minded individual or an intermediate, advanced or elite athlete or bodybuilder, you have your pre-workout needs covered. On the other hand, if you’re a little new to the exercise game, or someone without a lot of experience using a pre-workout, you may still be searching for the best combination of pre-workout ingredients. One of the biggest questions regarding a pre-workout is whether or not you should use one with energy and focus ingredients. While you may want the benefits, you might not want the perceived side effects.

Back in the late 90’s when the pre-workout category began, the original idea of a pre-workout was to ramp up your training by giving you more energy and focus. This is a category that pre-dates pump enhancing ingredients as well as many performance enhancing ingredients, many of which current users take for granted. This means that the very first pre-workouts were primarily stimulant and focus based. Of course, the category has gotten a little crowded and now you have both stimulant based as well as stimulant-free choices, with many products over emphasizing one aspect or the other, making the case for a solid, balanced pre-workout formula.

Focus & Energy IngredientsThe problem with stimulants such as caffeine is that you can get jittery and experience a crash before you’re done training. However, if you choose the right pre-workout, one with a well thought out energy and focus complex, you can avoid the side effects and experience dramatically enhanced training sessions. After all, you want to perform at your best and get the most out of your commitment to exercise, regardless of your experience level.

Regarding your exercise commitments, one thing is certain, by the time we’re ready to train many of us are already feeling drained from the daily stresses of life, such as work, school, maybe even a sport that demands several training sessions per day. You may have started the day with a cup of coffee but often by the time you are ready to exercise, you may not have a lot of energy and even less focus. It should go without saying that if you want to get the most out of your workouts, clear focus and sufficient energy is required.

This is why it makes sense to use a pre-workout that can help you feel energized, focused and ready to go. Dominate-Up is Ignite Nutrition’s premium quality pre-workout and it is a balanced, complete formula that covers all of your training needs regardless of your training preferences and experience level. Dominate-Up contains caffeine because it promotes energy, alertness, focus, performance and even supports thermogenesis. We use 3 forms of caffeine to insure a steady, extended release so you don’t experience jitters or a crash. We also use theobromine which is a mild stimulant that helps smooth out any harshness caffeine can cause.[1]

We use other stimulant and focus enhancing ingredients to support caffeine, such as tyrosine, an amino acid that improves cognitive function, choline, a B-vitamin that improves focus, and huperzine, which supports memory, motivation and focus. These ingredients help you achieve the mental energy and determination you need to get the most out of your training sessions. If you’re motivated and ready to push hard, you will realize greater benefits from your efforts. This is helpful if you’re a new exerciser that’s just getting used to working out, or a fitness-minded individual that takes pride in what you can accomplish. It’s absolutely imperative if you’re an athlete or bodybuilder that wants to excel at your chosen sport. [2,3,4,5,6]

As you can see, Ignite Nutrition didn’t merely create a pre-workout, we created the answer to the all the demands of your training.




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