June 06, 2018

We are all very aware of the benefits and importance of testosterone levels in the human body, not just for men, but women also. As we get older, our testosterone levels naturally decrease and with that decrease, come many side effects:

  • Low self esteem
  • Higher levels of fat
  • Weakened strength
  • Lower recovery ability
  • Lowered sex drive
  • Lowered energy levels

As you can see, testosterone plays many vital roles in many human functions. There are many ways we can increase our testosterone with what we eat, how we live and in the gym. A poor diet, stress and lifestyle choices have a massive impact on natural test levels. In the world we live in today, it is so important that you allow your body and mind the ability to de-stress and be in a happy state by planning days out, rest periods and structuring a balanced lifestyle. We can also increase levels by being healthy and fit, so the gym is KEY. Cardio is great for heart health, de-stressing and also keeping a check on body fat levels. Muscle training is key as test levels and growth hormone levels are elevated after an intense session moving those weights about.

Food is key in all we do, and here is no different. It is vital that we add certain foods into our diet to maximize natural testosterone levels. Here is a list of some essential foods that are KEY for raising and maintaining levels.


A lean protein source that is high in Vitamin D, which plays a key role in testosterone production and a longer life. Just one serving of tuna can fulfill your daily requirements of vitamin D, a low-fat, healthy protein which is a must for us all.

Egg Yolks

A great source of complete protein and also carrying that all key ingredient, Vitamin D. Adding a few whole eggs a day would be of great benefit for many reasons.


If you have low testosterone levels, zinc could definitely be an issue. Zinc is an essential nutrient that is closely associated with testosterone levels. A deficiency here will lower levels for sure. Oysters are packed full of Zinc! Add a few servings of those per week, and you will be on the right track of increasing testosterone.


Seems to be a massively beneficial meat, if consumed in moderation. Too much red meat has been linked to many negative side effects as well though so consuming 2-3 servings per week would be best, and opt for lean cuts. Fillet or rump cutting of visible excess fat would be best choice. Beef contains both Vitamin D and Zinc, making it a perfect food to include in a balanced plan.

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