April 11, 2018

Many of us lose track from time to time and we “float”.  This is a dangerous place to be. I know from past experience that the devil makes work for idle hands.  When we get bored, become side-tracked or get distracted and we fall off the rails.  It may seem like a very harsh statement but what I mean is that our diets slip, we miss sessions in the gym, lose focus, have one too many cheat meals and so on and so forth.  

We don’t just need the correct mind set for the gym, but in life itself in order to be in the Elite category (and by Elite I am not talking social status, but personal satisfaction and achievement). There is nothing wrong in wanting to achieve, be the best and be number 1.

So many people in today’s society frown upon this attitude. Why? Because they are happy to live a sub-standard existence, a sub-standard life, and never really setting high goals in order to never feel disappointment. 

Is that you? Well, that is perfectly fine! It’s your life to live...who are we to judge? However, for the rest...do you want more? Do you want to achieve? Do you want to look back in years to come and feel a huge sense of pride at what you have achieved?  If the answer is YES then take a moment to read this article. 

  1. Being the Best Possible Version of YOU!

We are all born with different strengths and weaknesses in and outside of the gym. Our DNA and genetics are fixed and will give us advantages and disadvantages. However, they do NOT determine who we are. 

Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, work on them, do all you can to improve them, but understand there is a limit and you can only do so much.  Be satisfied in knowing you have done all you physically can to improve, and that alone is what winning is all about. 

Focus on your strengths, and appreciate that we are all different and what makes you stand out.  Don’t be afraid to be different in your quest for greatness.   

  1. Focus on the task in hand.

There are way too many distractions in today’s world. How often do you see guys in the gym with their phones out, talking to friends, messing about with music, etc.  In order to give everything you have and to be all you can, it is essential that we focus on the task in hand.  Give it your undivided attention and don’t allow any distractions to come between you and the task at hand.

Then and only then can you really give it your all.  Adapting this mind set will take your performances from average to superior in a matter of weeks. The more practice you have at applying your full attention to a task, the better you will become at this.   

  1. Never settle and always strive for more.

    The worst thing in the world for success is complacency. That moment when we feel like we have reached our peak and can afford to drift is the start of a downfall. Understanding that we can always do more is KEY. We can all be more efficient, better organised, and more focused. Learn to maximise resources and educate ourselves daily on all issues that affect our daily existence.  

    1. It’s all about the RESULTS.

    Let’s get one thing straight: to be GREAT you don’t just participate. You enter a race, a competition or an event TO WIN. This doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant, or a nasty or hateful person. It simply means that you are driven, focused and ambitious.

    Too many people today in society bang on about the importance of taking part. Well, that is all good and well, and in some circumstances, I agree to a level.  For instance, if I’m playing scrabble with my 5 year old daughter, I don’t feel the need to win, but if I am entering a competition that I am passionate about and have put time and effort into and sacrificed time with my loved ones for, you are damn sure I want to win. 

    1. Use the latest research to continue self-development.

    There are so many amazing scientists working around the clock nowadays to give us the latest knowledge and information on how the body works, changes and develops. Don’t be stuck in a rut and too ignorant to learn.

    Be sure that you take time to research a little every week, even if 30 minutes of education here and there it will soon add up. Learn from those who are leading the way, be a sponge and absorb all you can from the best in the game to add small changes into your strategies to allow you to continually develop into the individual you want to be. 

    1. Use other athletes as inspiration.

    Don’t hold an ego so big that you cannot be inspired by another athlete’s body. Finding individuals whose physiques you admire is a great way to keep motivated. Challenge yourself to strive to be at their level or beyond.  Find inspiration in the results of others, and remember they had to go through the same process as you to achieve those results.  

    1. Associate with like-minded people.

    I am a great believer in positivity breeds positivity. I’m not by any means saying only pick friends who make you look good in social circles, what I am saying is find a circle of friends who fill you full of positivity and energy. A close circle of friends who inspire, drive and energise you is important. As you become more successful in life you will notice people will come and go so be careful to be selective on who you allow in. The wrong people can be destructive in your quest for greatness. 

    1. The basics work.

    The reason they are called the basics is because they work. Don’t try to over complicate or confuse yourself with scientific knowledge which you most likely don’t need at the stage you are at. Development is important, however, be patient and be sure to always start with a solid basic plan that you fully understand and know why it works. 

    1. If you think it, DO IT!

    If you say you are going to do the 50’s for 8, then do the 50’s for 8! Don’t give yourself stupid targets! Be sure the target is attainable.  However, if it is, don’t approach the exercise in your head saying: “If I only get 5, that will do.”  Think strong. Be strong.

    1. Stop questioning your own ability.

    Don’t feel the need to ask others in the gym what your ability is. Ability means nothing without commitment and heart. You don’t need the acceptance or approval of others that you have potential. You need to earn that in time by doing the hard work and graft it takes to fulfill it.