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As a new lifter, it is vital that you learn each exercise correctly.  Really learn to feel the movement and contraction, while stimulating each fiber throughout the repetitions.  Building muscle is about stimulating fibers with maximum effect and being able to recruit as many fibers as possible throughout a set... not what weight you can move from point A to B.  

Be sure to move the weight in a controlled manner, stretching and contracting each muscle targeted, fully.  A constant movement speed of 2:2 (speed of contraction) should be used throughout these repetitions.  

As a beginner, it is key that you follow a basic plan to build up the body and get it ready for heavier work going forward.  Too many people try to run before they can walk but this is a process that must be respected and followed for safe and optimal results.

Training Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Push/Pull Rest Legs 1 Rest Push/Pull Legs 2 Rest


Exercise Reps/Sets Rest
Chest Press Flat 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Bent Over Row 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Incline Chest Press 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Close Grip Pulldown 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Shoulder Press 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Upright Row 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Tricep Pushdown 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds
Barbell Curl 12-12-12 60-90 Seconds


Exercise Reps/Sets Tempo Speed Rest
Lateral Raise 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds
Upright Row 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds
Rear Delts 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds
French Press 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds
Tricep Rope Pushdown 12-10-8 2:2 90 Seconds

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