How Are YOU Answering Them?

  1. Will performing cardio slow down my muscle gains? 
  2. Will I lose all my muscle gains if I take a week off of training?
  3. Is there a magical rep range for building muscle?
  4. Do I need to do barbell bench presses to build chest muscle?
  5. Do I need to do really heavy deadlifts to build a big back? 
  6. Is squatting with proper form still bad for your knees?
  7. Will eating carbs make me fat? 
  8. Do I frequently need to deload if I feel fine? 
  9. Do I need to squat to build big legs?
  10. Should I completely avoid using lifting straps? 
  11. Do I need to train more than 4 times a week with weights to build muscle?
  12. Will I grow muscle if I take lots of supplements?
  13. Can I build muscle by missing meals?
  14. Does weight training stunt growth?
  15. Will training abs 6 days a week give me a six-pack? 
  16. Do I need to train for a pump every session to make gains?
  17. If I eat more than 40g of protein in one meal, is it wasted? 
  18. Do all post workout shakes work?
  19. Are all carb sources beneficial post workout?
  20. Do I maximize muscle gains post workout just by drinking a protein shake? 

There are so many ways to build muscle. The content is endless. It is very true that what works for one, may not work for another. Building muscle doesn’t have to be a complex military operation, but it is something that should be understood.  

Be sure to have a plan, with backing, and follow it. If you have zero plan of attack, you have zero understanding of what did and didn’t work for you. You need to do more than just train and hope to achieve noticeable results. Train smart, train hard, and train for results.

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